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VisualWx Alfa April 13 2007
The program is freeware version alpha
Installation and the use of the program is completely under your responsibility.

Il programma Ŕ freeware in versione alpha
L'installazione e l'uso del programma Ŕ completamente 
sotto la vostra responsabilitÓ.

VisualWx version alpha ( compatible wxWidgets 2.8.3 ):
download and instal python (need python 2.5)
download VisualWx mirror1
Install VisualWx

only for C++ build:
- Download and install Mingw
- Download and install MSYS
- Download and install wxWidgets
- Open VisualWx and from menu "Options\directory" set directories MSYS,Mingw and wxWidgets
- Build wxWidgets (menu "tools\build wxWidget" )
--- Select build option ( default value is "release-shared" and "debug-shared")
--- Press build button